FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Wax Melts made from?
Our waxes are made from high quality all natural soy wax which allows for an excellent scent throw.
How big are the Snap Bars?
Snap Bars are made into a 5 bar block with a set weight of 50g.
The dimensions of the bar are 115 x 45 x 13mm.
These bars are packaged in cellophane bags. These bags are made from bi-oriented polypropylene (30 micron) which are acid and lignum free.
Our new packaging consists of clamshells which are made from recycled plastic bottles and are fully recyclable.
How big are your Sample Sizes?
Being the perfect size for you to test out your possible new favourite scents, sample sizes come in two-packs of 4 gram bars.
These are the same quality as our Snap Bars...just smaller in size
What scents do we offer?
Check out our page here giving a list and description of all our amazing fragrances
Could I be allergic to your Wax Melts?
Unfortunatly, some people may have reactions to any wax metls, dependant on the fragrance oil used. For a full list of allergens please visit our Allergy Information - CLP page. 
Do you offer Gift Cards?
We offer gift cards up to the value of £50.00. These will be sent to you by email. 
Can I use the melts in both a tealight and eletric burner?
Yes! The melts are made so that they can be used on both an eletric and tealight burner. However, a tealight burner ofter has a stronger scent throw.
How do I clean my Burner?
Click here to a see clip on how to clean your burner.
When the wax is slightly melted, use a cotton pad to soak and remove the warmed wax, ready to add your new scent.
How do I use Wax Melts safely?
Keep burners away from pets and children.
Always use within sight and never leave unattended.
Always place burner on a flat non-combustable surface.
DO NOT move the burner or wax melt until completley cool.
Only ever use unscented tea lights.
Do not eat.
Unlike candles wax melts will not evaporate. You can reuse the wax several timesuntil the fragrance has dispersed
What delivery options do you offer?
We offer both first and second class post with Royal Mail.
Signed for delivery available on request.
If you are lucky enought to live near Whitehaven, Cumbria; you can also collect at a suitable time convenient for you.
We also offer a local delivery service charged at £3.50 to CA22, CA24, CA25, CA26, CA27 and CA28 addresses.
What are you doing to be environmentally friendly?
We try our best to buy Eco friendly and cruelty free products when making our wax melts. Here is a list of our products and how they are Eco friendly and cruelty free.
Soy Wax - 100% vegan and cruelty free, derived from vegetables
Fragrance Oil - 100% cruelty free
Glitters - 100% biodegradable
Mica - cruelty free and reasonably sourced
Wax Dye - 100% vegan and cruelty free
Snap Bar Bags - fully recyclable
Snap Bag Clamshella - made from recycled plastic bottles and are fully recyclable 
Stickers - made from FSC certified paper
Shredded Paper - made from 100% recycled paper and is fully biodegradable
Postage boxes - recyclable, biodegradable and reusable
There is smoke coming from my burner - help!
When using the correct sized burner and a 4 hour tealight, the only smoke that should be seen is a white colour. White smoke is the fragrance oil within the Wax being burned and released into the air.
Should there be any smoke other than white - immediately extinguish the tea light flame and proceed with caution. Smoke of another colour other than white, could be caused by a tea light of a larger size causing the Wax to overheat. This can be VERY dangerous.